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Preston Country Club
Club Repair
Price List


Standard Grip - $3.00/Each Plus Grip Price
Save Grip - $6.00/Each

Re-Shaft / Repair

Standard - $18.00/Each Plus Shaft/Shipping/Grip
Set of 8 Standard (20% Off) - $115.00 Plus Shaft/Shipping/Grip
Remove Shaft / Tighten Head - $10.00
Replace Ferrule - $8.00

*Note: To Drill Out Broken Shaft Add $8.00/Each
*No Bore Throughs Must Be Sent To Vendor For Repair


Standard Cut Down - $4.00/Each Plus Grip
Standard Lengthen - $6.00/Each Plus Grip

Loft & Lie

Change Loft/Lie Per Club - $4.00/Each
Set of 8 Change Loft/Lie (20% Off) - $25.00/Per Set

Grips, shafts and all other components are ordered directly from Golfworks 

All regular order will be placed every Wednesday

Any emergency orders must be placed with Matt by 1:00pm that day
($10.00 Extra Postage Fee) 

Customers are responsible for cost of postage
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Matt Saffron